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Last Updated: Jul 31, 2017 10:16AM CDT
Visit our Support FAQ page here

Support Resources
  • Telligent’s Maintenance and Support Policy (PDF) – Learn the details of Telligent’s maintenance and support policy.
  • Supported Product Versions – Details about product versions supported by Telligent can be found below:
    • Supported Products
      • Please contact us if you require support for these products.
        • Telligent Community 10.X
        • Telligent Community 9.X
        • Telligent Community 8.5
        • Telligent Enterprise 4.6
        • Telligent Analytics 4.x
    • Unsupported Products
      • Please contact us to learn more about upgrade options.
        • Telligent Community 8.0
        • Telligent Community 7.x
        • Telligent Community 6.x
        • Telligent Community 5.x
        • Telligent Enterprise 3.x
        • Telligent Enterprise 2.x
        • Telligent Analytics 3.X

How Can We Help You

When you contact us to open a support ticket, we will help you with:
  • Questions about installation, configuration, and integration of supported versions of Telligent Community into your environment;
  • Questions about installation, configuration or any problems with any support-issued hotfix;
  • Product performance issues, as long as you have made no unsupported customizations
If you want to add new features or enhance existing features, you must use the Telligent Platform APIs. No other custom development is supported, please visit our Developer Forum for questions about developing on the Telligent platform.
Review our Maintenance and Support Policy (PDF) for more detailed information.

Support Availability

The Telligent customer support team is available Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. Central (GMT-6), except on these holidays:
  • New Year’s Day (or nearest weekday)
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
  • President’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • United States Independence Day (or nearest weekday)
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Day after Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Day

Our Commitment

If you find a problem with your Telligent product as a paying, licensed customer and report it by contacting our support team, we will assign a severity based on the effect the problem has on your community.

Severity of problem
  • Severity 1 – Production system is in a cycle of non-recovery and/or is fully inaccessible.
  • Severity 2 – Production system is encountering a significant product issue impacting one or more primary features. (This is also the highest severity we allow for Non-Production issues.)
  • Severity 3 – Production system is encountering an issue that doesn’t prevent the utilization of a primary feature.
  • Other – Documentation requests or issues that you would like to make us aware of.

Requesting a Hotfix
We strive to build products that are innovative, feature-rich and bug-free. However at times, our best intentions are met with challenges that our customers, partners, and employees discover, so we work quickly to fix issues. You may be wondering, what if I come across an issue and report it to Telligent, how is that handled? Some issues we can fix right away, others may take a bit of extra effort and require a change to your existing environment. The latter types of issues are what we consider for a hotfix or service pack.

A Hotfix can be requested when:
  • The version of the product being used is still a supported version as defined in the Product Life Cycle section below.
  • There is not an existing point version or service pack available that already resolves the issue.
  • All other debugging and non-coded suggestions have failed to provide a resolution to the customer.
  • The support team has verified the ability to reproduce the issue with an out-of-the-box (OOTB) installation of Telligent Community.
  • There is not a workaround available that is deemed acceptable.
  • The blocking issue/bug is not the result of a customization made to the product beyond OOTB functionality.
  • The issue is blocking functionality that is core to the client’s site and business needs. 
  • The customer has a current support agreement with Telligent.
  • If a hotfix is accepted, the customer will be asked to upgrade in order to obtain the hotfix so that they are running the latest version.
If these criteria are met then we will begin the hotfix process and we will inform you of our expectations for when a fix will be made.

How To Report A Problem
Unless your site is unavailable or you are dealing with a sensitive issue, such as security, we request that you start your support request in our forum and provide a link to your issue when you open a support ticket.
Please provide us with as many details about the problem in your forum post or support ticket as possible:
  1. Site URL
  2. Product and version
  3. Build number
  4. Username for community.telligent.com site
  5. Operating system
  6. Browser type and version
  7. Type of problem: installation, upgrade, configuration, etc.
  8. Steps to reproduce

Contact Us

  • Email Us
  • Call for Support (US): +1 877-739-5530

    Call for Support (EMEA): 0845 8437333

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